A call for help to the American people

We are a new political movement with one objective:
To stop the madness and save Sweden.

Help us. Help Sweden.

An alternative
for Sweden

We are a new political movement inspired by the American people’s revolt against the establishment in 2016 which put Donald Trump in the White House.

We share the same ambition: to stop destructive mass immigration, to drain the swamp, and to put our own county first.

On the 9th of September, the general election is held in Sweden. We challenge the same old politicians who are all talk and no action.

This international fundraising campaign is a call to patriots all over the world to help us save our beloved country from catastrophe.

Our movement aims to stop the madness and save Sweden.

With your help, it is possible.

Donald Trump was right about Sweden

Donald Trump was ridiculed by Swedish media and politicians for his remarks about Sweden. But he proved to be right. Immigration has certainly caused problems in Sweden.

What was once a peaceful and prosperous country is today a warning example for the rest of the world. Mass immigration from the third world, a poisonous political correctness, and a corrupt establishment have plunged Sweden into crisis.